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Why Intention and Attention Are So Important?

A copy of a 1478 drawing by Theodoros Pelecanos, of an alchemical tract attributed to Synesius
the reason why the blue and red ouroboros eats own tail is related to intention and attention. in order to share intention, we pay attention. this means that we install logical program into this physical world by paying costs. your persona is a microcosmic-instance of macro-cosmic and universal communication system. - alchemy news
When your intuition is activated once, you will recognize that you are more than your ego. Sonia Choquette said like that on her interview of Consciousness Engineering (Mindvalley). She also mentioned about "downloads", receiving something from the Universe.

In my personal experience for "downloads", I actually received a few strange ideas and images from somewhere. It was exciting and sometimes psychedelic experience. That's why the alchemists have been using symbols, as same as I make artwork and diagrams. This can be called the blueprint and design materials from extra dimension, for lower vibrations.

Deepak Chopra teaches us the importance of attention and intention in meditation and the law of attraction. The alchemy method also tells us that both mental and physical realms are made up from the same source. Which means, the subject of attention and your intention have a strong connection. Everything is connected.

From my personal philosophy (private object), the Universe can described literally as the universal communication system. My sulphured intention is installed onto mercury materials by my salty, but concrete actions. Once installed, the soulful object become a public message (public object).

In order for us to expand the intention, according to Google, it's called "the share of intent", the public message is consistently implemented into the physical realm (physical interfaces) by paying subjective attention to the physical (material) realm. In some cases, it's reinstalled by continuous improvement or continuous integration.

This is well-known as love. Love is a kind of technology in the universal communication system. That's why projection technique is a part of love. Love is closely related to separation within/without the integrity. The integrated system communicates with by separation and love. This also means that separation and unification are the same.

Therefore, we are small instances to serve for others (micro instance, micro server). We can be called microcosmic instances of macrocosmic system (the universal communication system). We virtual instances belong to the meso-cosmic resource pool, called the earth (Terra).

If you would like to restart or live-migrate when you are gone, the intentional configuration has to be set properly. We always emulate and operate the imitation of death experience by dreaming a dream. It's sometimes refered as lucid dreaming.

In conclusion, our soul mission can be pointed out as services. Your name might be a hint as a label, instance name. That's why numerologists access to the module of Kabbalah system. Kabbalah gives us the structure of this symmetric and universal communication system. 

In other words, my systematic hypothesis is that key to success is to serve others, including environment (your resource pool) by communicating with them via your soul mission in harmony (marketing). Because we are a part of the system. Use the natural resources wisely with compassion. That's literally you.

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