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How to Make a Change to the World With Storytelling

Allow us to feel your conviction. - Lisa Nichols
Storytelling always makes a huge impact to the world. However, everyone is busy today. Even though everyone has a story to share, we don't have enough time to tap into it. Stimulation and distraction are everywhere, including stories. 

The world needs a new type of storytelling technique. Because a long story, such as history would become an obsolete myth. In order to avoid pain and misunderstanding, technology has to be understood and integrated into the art of storytelling properly. Especially, the integration might work well for a kind of short stories as inter-sensory data streams.

Here's an analysis.

  1. Storyline = Scenario for storytelling = Wholeness navigation (general, principal)
  2. Storytelling = Epic stories = Persona in situation (modal)
  3. Epic Story = Stories = Persona in circumstance (emotional)
  4. Story = Cases = Persona in action (physiological)
  5. Case = Parameters = Persona in condition (environmental)
  6. Parameter =  Framework = Persona in configuration (identical)
  7. Framework = Cognition and metacognition = Persona in object instance (biological, primal)

In a context of the analysis, framework stands for primal material with primary principle. This means a pair of system and operator. The framework is operated by primary principle, which is our consciousness. It more likely means subconsciousness.

In case of storyline, the storyline is more likely implemented in unity consciousness in a broader context. It can be seen in any types of coherence, as well as collective intelligence, such as culture and society.

The point is that the storyline has to be the scaffold and foundation for the building of stories. Which is so-called objectives. The scaffold and foundation cannot be the mission itself. Objectives are created to achieve the mission.

In terms of strategy, if the evolutionary long distance needs to be taken between storyline and framework, it's better to delegate the objectives to a bunch of epic stories as a set of actionable strategies. That is exactly the same as building and executing a life plan. It is so-called backcasting. 

When it comes to backcasting, understanding of forecasting methods and system is crucial. In short, an operator would work better by understanding the specification of the system. This might be described using a biological analogy. I'm not a neuroscientist, so it might be better to describe as the systematic relation between genetic and programmed minds in primal response and decision making process.

The bottomline is; in a constructive way, we execute the story-building based on the storyline consciously and consistently in order to work with subconscious mind effectively.

To be specific, the building method can be transferable to a concrete solution. For instance, it can be translated into a coaching session in facing the fears. But, in any case, agility is the key. The attitude of embracing change in the agile methodology takes you beyond the material-oriented world. 

Because the environment is organic. Because consciousness is not material-oriented entity. That's why I adopted user story technique for the analysis.

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