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Why Creativity Has to Be Taken Back

Intelligent Network - In order to tune consciousness into new network and extended bandwidths, we need to stop creating phantom scapegoats. Once activated the phantom objects in the physical world, our creativity would’ve lost with letting go of our responsibilities. ~ alchemy news
In terms of creativity, the structure of (consciousness) intelligent network and relation between the network and creativity have to be understood in a context of energizing the network by switching consciousness.

In my personal contemplative experiments, consciousness is able to implement into a phantom object logically. Besides, in my personal understanding, a core of human being is a phantom entity object. Which also means, the definition of human being is really vague.

When it comes to taking back our creativity, we have got to stop immediately nourishing phantom scapegoats by delegating our responsibilities to the outer world (objects). In other words, we need to stop giving the phantom existences our creative energies in a negative context.

Here is an example.

By creating a phantom scapegoat logically, we sometimes try to escape from the current circumstances mentally.

By exporting the scapegoat to the outer world as object, we allow ourselves to stay tuned into the limited bandwidths in the limited circulation with the limited belief system. Because in that case, we keep cultivating the scapegoat mentally, consciously, subconsciously, and sometimes physically.

Once activated the phantom scapegoat (object) by someone who tunes into the cultivated area, the power would be unfolded and taken advantage of in both logical and physical areas by the existence. 

That means implementing the empty interface (we cultivated) into the existence. Thus, the existence would be responsible for all of energies, as well as collecting creative tax.

In short, this example shows us how collective visualization and contemplation work in a broader context.

The emerald tablet tells us the same thing as well. Meister Eckhart taught us the same relation between action and contemplation.

The system and process are very neutral. What we have to focus on and tune into is the way how to utilize them in order to upgrade ourselves and environemts. It's called a solution mindset.

An idea creates a culture, a culture becomes a cradle of civilization. A civilization provides the interfaces to the cultural diversity. The cultural diversity is built based on the abstract civilization layer. 

This creative, periodic and organic process is neutral. It's a kind of karmic situation, which could be utilized well. The architecture is beautifully designed. This means that the architecture is neutral. The added-value modules are so complicated. That's really confusing.

We have to think the process without the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge is added-value module (object) cultivated by the civilizations. The module is really vague, as same as the definition of human being.

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