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How to Feel and Express the Multidimensional Reality

The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free
 - Baruch Spinoza

This is a particular form and a certain model that access to the multidimensional reality in a logical manner. And I have chosen to share my personal perception with you here today.

Here is a simple specification of consciousness and the multidimensional reality.

"In order to live the 10-dimensional life, our consciousness must wrap around the 10-dimensional world from the perspective of 11th dimension."

For further multidimensional recognition and consciousness expansion, let's assume that this symmetrical universe might hypothetically consist of 0 to 11th consciousness, dimensions, bandwidths or frequency vibrations.

The reason why I mentioned the universe as "this symmetrical universe" is that there might be a symmetrical "negative" universe somewhere. It might consist of 0 to "minus" 11th consciousness dimensions.

When it comes to the multidimensional reality, it might seem to be merely a fiction from the perspective of modern science. However, surprisingly, it has also been expressed about similar concepts since the ancient times. And it is a really exciting time to know that scientists have recently talked about the multidimensional reality.

Technically speaking, in my understanding, the chaotic zero is completely nothing due to containing everything. Because there are no individuated beings due to combining everything into one place.

In addition, the gateway to the chaotic zero comprises both 1st and 9th dimensions as a linkage, and the gateway is kind of like the central-most consciousness in this symmetrical universe. This linkage produces both contradiction and symmetry because of individuation.

That is one of the reasons why I feel that I am simultaneously individuated and integrated into emptiness. And some might also have said that the central-most consciousness is the archetype of this universe.

In my personal opinion, the chaotic zero is exactly the true unity and it is impossible for us to experience the true unity while existing as individuated consciousness. Technically speaking, this idea implies that the individuated soul is not immortal as well.

However, interestingly, this specification of the soul leads us to the experience of unity and wholeness.

In order to experience the state of unity consciousness in a holographic manner, it is well-prepared for similar state in opposite directions. Both logical and physical realms of 5th dimension are organised as 10th dimension for an individuated consciousness with a vehicle of soul.

That means the more your soul experience, the more this universe consciously expands within the stretchable scaffolding of universal framework.

I also suppose that is why some say the 5th dimension enables us to create reality very rapidly because the 10th dimension comprises both logical and physical 5th dimensions. I once heard that the 5th dimension is the perspective of God or creator.

For me, both perspectives mean the perspective of the soul.

Because it can also be said that it is a replica of unity or unity consciousness. This means that we can experience the unity consciousness (0) in a holographic manner by experiencing the distance between the replica of unity (5+5=10) and the gateway to the true unity (1+9=10), which is the linkage and the central-most consciousness.

The idea makes me feel integrated by the technology of wholeness and love. I thus prefer to express this universe and the multiverse as the universal communication systems.

The draft version of this article can be seen on Quora and it also has a draft image of the multidimensional reality.

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