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The Simple Key to Transcendence of Contradictory Realities Is Sphere

Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.

It is not easy to see things from all facets due to ever-changing ratio-based variables and environmental parameters. Thus, you might want to have a more simple solution to uncover the metaphysical truth when reading the book of nature.

In addition to that, as an ancient philosopher said, I think that a key to opening every door must be the same.

For instance, in human relationship, people are multifaceted. We have contradictions. We can have paradoxical reactions when it comes to achieving something totally new.

If we only focus on a single side of multifaceted face and on-screen toxic persona, our knowledge won't be able to be evolved due to lack of experience. We have incredibly numerous parameters in the life experience.

A simple and easy solution for this is to see people and phenomena as merely the sphere entity objects. The mighty key is sphere.

We project subjective experience as added values to a sphere object based on the parameters we currently have, not the object has, in a very subjective and emotional way. In this case, the sphere object plays a role of phantom object wrapped around by (added-value) multifaceted illusion we create.

This specification is not only neutral but also has tremendous potential to be used as a poweful principle in terms of creative process, such as storylines. To make this simple, to make up a phenomenal story, we must separate (or individuate) a key from a door to use the key as almighty one.

For more detials, it is better for us to consider about some paradoxical situations to innovate and integrate.

To burn more fat, we take plenty of high-quality fat. To energise tissues, to enhance brain and physical performance, we take CO2, as well as O2 and H2O. Paradoxical phenomena are no longer paradoxical. Problems are no longer the problems we struggle.

When we are able to see things in a simple pattern, it will be just part of the greatest challenge to transcend.

Beyond the influence of common sense we can find an ideal solution to enrich our experience of life. As we can see, there are plenty of paradoxical phenomena. To transmute problems to the greatest challenge, you might want to upgrade those phenomena as the universal specification for peak performance.

In other words, the contradiction is one of the universal principles in this symmetrical universe. In between, both of them, we can find practical solutions in the spatially coherent environment. This environment is multifaceted just because it's multidimensional reality.

I think that now is the time to upgrade our perceptions from procedure-oriented thinking to object-oriented one. An ideal solution is to have both and this change is exactly the same with consciousness expansion.

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