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How to Correspond to the Primitive Behaviour Associated With Pain and Pleasure

The Law of Compensation plays an important part in the lives of men and women.- The Kybalion

The more our consciousness expands, the more species evolve.

A good news I found is that there are some beautiful signs of evolution in other species concerning that human consciousness has gradually expanded.

The signs have not only a positive aspect, but have also a warning to humanity. It is related to the capability of humanity. The technology, including Artificial Intelligence seems to be almost beyond the capability of us, as well as consumerism due to lack of intergration and interface.

The environmental situation and regional circumstances are interacted with our consciousness. Because the environment itself is part of ourselves in terms of unity consciousness. The vast majority of people living on this planet and its consciousness should be no longer regarded as a "hard-to-control-but-strong" weapon.

Now is the time to give ourselves permission to integrate and take advantage of …
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True Optimism - Key to Becoming a High Performer

The combination of sharp focus and expanded awareness during optimal performance creates peak experience.- Excellence through Mind-Brain Development

My ultimate wish is to cease to exist by unleashing the individuation of my soul.

This is an extreme type of the backcasting method. This is the ultimate goal of my soul. There is nothing here that relates to good-or-evil ideologies and right-or-wrong values. There is also nothing to suggest the death experience on this planet is directly related to the end of individuation. However, it simultaneously indicates that the experience is exactly the end of individualisation.

Truthfully, that is my awareness that makes me comparatively optimistic.

The last key to training your brain for optimism is to simply focus on the good things in life.- Do These 5 Things to Become a Top Performer

As stated in the message above, the definition of optimism has a profound effect on our lives in terms of high performance and peak experience. In my understanding, …

A Sensible Way How to Make Things Simple

The Universe is Mental- Kybalion

The weight of wearing multiple hats sometimes generates a large entropy of self-made chaos.

On the other hand, by using both techniques of decomposition and composition, we are more likely to create something new from the chaos.

By applying the methods of both intuition and observation, we are more likely to discover something innovative from the chaos as a new direction comprised of every historical and cultural order.

In any case, the chaos has a profound and important effect on what we think and create. Because the chaos directly pertains to unity consciousness.

I would like to tell you that the chaos is not complex in a certain context.

From last week, I was pushing myself to make what I know simple. And on last Tuesday, I completed the 7 day challenge of making things simple so that I can share the recap with you as follows. Hopefully, it will be better able to absorb quickly due to the techniques and methods.

Day 1: “Words and language represent the tec…

What Is the Primordial Word

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.- William H. Gass, A Temple of Texts

Do you remember your primordial word?

By using a reverse engineering approach to creative process, I have gradually understood that the primordial word plays a crucial role of programme and configuration for individuation and personalisation.

What does this exactly mean?

In my understanding, it means the programme for each gold piece. In other words, it is the configuration(s) of our soul(s). Your soul is gold, you are a pure gold. Your pure emotion is a golden language as well. Because your emotion comes from the geometric gold, which is the configuration of your soul. Gold breeds gold. Healthy cell turns into the healthy life.

How does this pertain to our well-being?

In considering of the technology of illusion and interface, especially a correlation between the primordial word and the composition of soul, a programme setting comes first. That procedure creates a new obj…

How to Use the Chaotic Power - the Present Moment

Meditators are setting a new default mode.- Dan Harris

From my understanding, the default mode network of the brain is a replica model of the chaos. In fact, the power of the present moment is both everything and nothing. So how can we use the chaotic power?


It is not only about brain development, but related to other parts of Trinity. Because the material world and the spiritual realm are not separated. It is here. Integration and purification are almost the same with and without the time-space regulation. These stages should be in alignment with as the total process.

Accessing to pure consciousness means dipping oneself into the chaos. The chaos is absolutely the chaotic zero (dimension) that has everything due to nothing. Therefore, the chaotic zero means pure consciousness. In other words, the pure chaos.

In considering of an appreciation of thoughts, which means the process of manifestation, the more you reach out to the chaos, which is so-called pure consciousness, the m…

An Analysis of "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction

I act in spite of fear.- T. Harv Eker (Declaration)

First of all, I am grateful that I have found this video above. Because this is exactly the topic that I would like to share with you here today.

I am currently trying to integrate the law of attraction with the multidimensional interface technology and the composition of soul.

That being said, you and I already know that everyone in the world is now more likely to be interested in emotional possibilities beyond technology dominance, rather than following technological trends.

That means a paradigm shift from technology-oriented innovation to value-based innovation. In other words, this world needs a more concrete help instead of esoteric idea and dogmatic rules. But, it is not about hotfixes. A fundamental solution is needed.

On the other hand, before transcending, it is better to understand a practical theory to make the most of a transcendental experience, as well as psychedelics and nootropics.

In the world of commerce, building a conc…

What Are the Composition of Soul and the Creation Process

The Secret means that we are creators of our Universe, and that every wish that we want to create will manifest in our lives.- Marie Diamond

This is a philosophical analysis of the composition of soul based on my lucid dream.
I saw an individuated soul that has a strong emotional attachment to material things.It was totally confused in self-made chaos due to a strong emotional attachment.It might have been a personified soul of mine.

Here is my quick analysis:
I realised that a massive letting go of attachments to material things has to be done from the perspective of soul while having this human body.The soul must be free from both possession and obsession in terms of materials and elements.This means that the soul has to be free from any emotional attachment to a lower/outer dimensional space.

For these reasons, the composition of soul can be gradually derived as follows:
The soul has every material and ingredient within in order to express itself to the multidimensional world.Because the…