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How Do the Dogmatic Brules Help Us to Upgrade Our System?

The hypothesis: the brain doesn't store memories, it's like a receiver to tune into them. It's a receiver rather than a storage device.
Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D.

As an alchemist, and a beginner in Transcendental Meditation®, I'd love to deep dive into this topic. In addition, I support Open Sciences and its manifesto for a post-materialist science.

In my personal understanding, we don't necessarily need to destroy, attack or struggle with the obsolete and dogmatic systems, which are pointed out in the video above. Rather than that, it's better to utilize them with a bit of compassion and plenty of gratitude. I love the reverse engineering.

My hypothesis: gratitude is name of the secure protocol. In other words, inspirational ideas come out (downloading) through the protocol. 

In order to redefine the dogmatic brules in this context, let's say that the dogmas are types of the generalized interfaces implemented somewhere into human history in certain levels. This exactly means that we struggle with a bunch of old interfaces in terms of software upgrade.

If the laws of nature are fixed, the system is fixed. Then, we won't be able to upgrade ourselves for evolution. Otherwise, if we were created as an evolving species, we continue to evolve as creation. Likewise, we will be able to upgrade with the live migration process.

In my personal opinion, some of problematic scientific beliefs (the dogmatic brules) can be upgraded by blending the chicken and the egg to both/one (at the same time). For instance, Facebook was developed vertically in a time bound manner. However, we use Facebook horizontally in the same way. That means designing and creating the chicken and the egg at once.

In short, when humans start thinking the profound teachings without time methodology, we will be able to utilize them. When it comes to setting something, we need to understand how to mind and update evolutionary parameters from outside the time and space realms.

If the old interfaces don't work properly in your system or context, you can develop new set of interfaces or subset of the abstract classes by downloading the informative data with a set of appropriate queries. 

This approach can be said a type of Blue Ocean Strategy. In other words, when we get frustrated or conflict with the red ocean, we more likely develop new space, such as vacuum filled with pure energies.

Lastly, I can say that it's not only the brain, but the human body and experience are also the organic receivers. Which means that we are also able to upgrade our physical system to receive or download plenty of the informative and advanced data more than before.

In other words, this is more like live migration from metallic to fibre cables in terms of network. My other hypothesis is that this might be achieved by taking certain natural resources with the (local) stimulative reaction.

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