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How to Shift from the Current Dominant Paradigm in a Technical Way

The cure to boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
- Dorothy Parker

This concept comes from my personal research and development related to inter-dimensional cultural reality and multi-civilisation. Therefore, it contains some hypotheses from the viewpoint of science on this planet.

As a preface for followings, let's say that spirit is like a glue of perceptions. Spiritual environment is API layer of perceptual interfaces for both material-oriented and logical-configured domains. In addition, this abstract layer connects every individualised consciousness with each other in a very intellectual way.

Every our perception is carefully individualised in order to experience and express ourselves in making differences from the different perspectives using time methodology and spatial object. 

This is a specification of freedom and equilibrium for entity object within the system restriction.

Therefore, the time perception is specifically intended to be separated from each other, as individualised entity object (for a vehicle of individualised consciousness). Because the entity object is exactly an microcosmic instance and it has an internal clock for a particular type of service, which is individualised time perception based on the remnant programme as "Resource", which is implemented from the master template of "Source".

If the species build and operate a singular historical civilisation with plural series and cultural diversity as a whole, a master clock needs to be set and prepared as reference system and tributary zone for everyone who tunes into and belongs to the system and its time zone.

This is a core component of architecture in terms of systematisation.

This is more like a kind of the tower of the sun. When everyone tunes into the tower as the master clock in both stages of initialisation and periodic maintenance, it would make the most of the power of consciousness and mutual recognition in alignment with civilisation. Because it would become the order in the chaotic perceptions.

This is so-called "cooperation", "co-creation", and sometimes referred to  "enslavement", however.

The time-space regulation shows this specification of consciousness in a very simple way. We can see an important reason in the specification why the money system contains logical components, such as time and feeling of gratitude. The specification leads us to the simple question of why we claim ownership of time and space in the material-oriented domains.

There are the master system and its time zone we have in common.

In other words, simply and logically speaking, if we want to shift the current dominant paradigm, our perception of time has to be changed and updated from the reference clock and the frequency of its paradigm. 

This is a part of technical aspects of the paradigm shift.

This phenomena is vaguely accessed and connected from the notion of "change the world" or "if you want to change the world, you need to change your mind first". However, technically speaking, if we want to change the world, first of all, it requires each of us to create new world.

In any case, identifying of where the master or reference clock comes from is so important. Truth is topologically implemented into everything. However, it is most likely to be forgotten about the specification of correlation between phantom object and illusion. That is one of the reasons why the conspiracy theory effectively works with gross consciousness. On the other hand, that is also the reason why we are able to act as human beings with our meat suits.

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