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How to Describe What the Cosmic Database Is (Akashic Record)

Ancient wisdom tradition have said that there is a field beyond space and time.- Deepak Chopra

The human body plays a significant role of a microcosmic instance for both catalytic action and photocatalytic effects on experience, manifestations and forms. It might also comprise the mind of many, and its primodordial and genetic minds are crucial for interfacing, adaptation and integration.

That means creation and evolution.

Here is my hypothesis: In order to achieve consciousness expansion and human evolution following the cosmic evolution, it requires us to gradually understand how to access to and utilise the cosmic database effectively. Because knowledge is crucial, clarity is power. In addition to them, this universe is the kind of communication system to explore and experience.

Followings are the current draft specification from my perspective.

Cosmic database comprises of circulative cosmic puzzle.Cosmic puzzle has 2 types of components, logical and physical ones.Cosmic puzzle is oper…

Why Sound Heals

Change your thoughts and you change your world.- Norman Vincent Peale

When I was in altered states, I got 3 messages from somewhere within. The first was "Jupiter Technology", the second was "Audio Heals", and the third one was "Fat Is Water".

It was vaguely mythical things. On the other hand, I think that everything is related to sound and vibration.

For us, it would be easier to understand why audio heals, as well as time heals, so I am going to analyse the details of Solfeggio frequencies with my hypothetical theory.

For instance, it said that 528 Hz has the ability to heal damaged DNA. As stated in the article of Attuned Vibrations, it also creates the clustered water. In other words, the frequency is related to purification in the alchemy method. Because the alchemy is the art of music.

In addition, the technology of sound vibration is recently adopted by MIT for blood testing in an experimentation phase.

That being said, there are no particular guidlines …

How to Feel and Express the Multidimensional Reality

The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free - Baruch Spinoza

This is a particular form and a certain model that access to the multidimensional reality in a logical manner. And I have chosen to share my personal perception with you here today.

Here is a simple specification of consciousness and the multidimensional reality.

"In order to live the 10-dimensional life, our consciousness must wrap around the 10-dimensional world from the perspective of 11th dimension."

For further multidimensional recognition and consciousness expansion, let's assume that this symmetrical universe might hypothetically consist of 0 to 11th consciousness, dimensions, bandwidths or frequency vibrations.

The reason why I mentioned the universe as "this symmetrical universe" is that there might be a symmetrical "negative" universe somewhere. It might consist of 0 to "minus" 11th consciousness dimensions.


How to Express Who We Are in a Technical Way

We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.- Brian Cox

Do you know who you truly are? Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body? Are you a physical body that only experiences thoughts and emotions as a result of biochemical interactions in the brain? (cited from the video above)

In my understanding, we are everything as long as we are all one. From the perspective of consciousness, individuated consciousness can be referred as self. In the context of what the soul (or soul component) is, we might say that the soul is our identity. It depends on the context. In a viewpoint of materialism, human body is ourselves.

There are nothing wrong with us. Everything is true. Which means that every object can be both true and false depending on the condition, context, perspective or situation.

Consciousness is everywhere. We are everything. Because we are interconnected.

In my personal opinion, I prefer to express who I am in a technical way.…