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How to Describe What the Cosmic Database Is (Akashic Record)

Ancient wisdom tradition have said that there is a field beyond space and time.
- Deepak Chopra

The human body plays a significant role of a microcosmic instance for both catalytic action and photocatalytic effects on experience, manifestations and forms. It might also comprise the mind of many, and its primodordial and genetic minds are crucial for interfacing, adaptation and integration.

That means creation and evolution.

Here is my hypothesis: In order to achieve consciousness expansion and human evolution following the cosmic evolution, it requires us to gradually understand how to access to and utilise the cosmic database effectively. Because knowledge is crucial, clarity is power. In addition to them, this universe is the kind of communication system to explore and experience.

Followings are the current draft specification from my perspective.

  • Cosmic database comprises of circulative cosmic puzzle.
  • Cosmic puzzle has 2 types of components, logical and physical ones.
  • Cosmic puzzle is operated by entity objects.
  • Cosmic puzzle is kind of like view objects.

  • However, entity objects are part of cosmic puzzle, as well as view objects.
  • Because entity objects are such as the organic source code of which comes from the datasource.

  • Object entity and datasource have operators.
  • Operators are the same as creators, but it depends on the state of consciousness.
  • Cosmic puzzle is maintained by the laws of nature.
  • The laws of nature are more like application module.

  • The datasource is the archetype of this universe.
  • The archetype roughly consists of 2 types of consciousness.

  • Cosmic database has “index" somewhere in both logical and physical realms.
  • Logical index might be basically related to primordial and genetic minds.
  • Logical index works with genetic-oriented network in a fundamental sense.
  • Physical index is genetic configuration, including vulnerability to the environment.

  • Cosmic query can be created in both conscious and subconscious layers based on the “current” configuration.
  • The current configuration might be defined based on soul configuration or preference settings.
  • Configuration and service instance are able to be upgraded, replaced and (live-) migrated.
  • Purification and integration process activate and unlock the base class for expanding the ability of accessing and receiving the cosmic data and its range (of bandwidths).

That's the reason why the cosmic database is crucial for consciousness expansion and human evolution.

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