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An Analysis of "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction

I act in spite of fear.- T. Harv Eker (Declaration)

First of all, I am grateful that I have found this video above. Because this is exactly the topic that I would like to share with you here today.

I am currently trying to integrate the law of attraction with the multidimensional interface technology and the composition of soul.

That being said, you and I already know that everyone in the world is now more likely to be interested in emotional possibilities beyond technology dominance, rather than following technological trends.

That means a paradigm shift from technology-oriented innovation to value-based innovation. In other words, this world needs a more concrete help instead of esoteric idea and dogmatic rules. But, it is not about hotfixes. A fundamental solution is needed.

On the other hand, before transcending, it is better to understand a practical theory to make the most of a transcendental experience, as well as psychedelics and nootropics.

In the world of commerce, building a conc…

What Are the Composition of Soul and the Creation Process

The Secret means that we are creators of our Universe, and that every wish that we want to create will manifest in our lives.- Marie Diamond

This is a philosophical analysis of the composition of soul based on my lucid dream.
I saw an individuated soul that has a strong emotional attachment to material things.It was totally confused in self-made chaos due to a strong emotional attachment.It might have been a personified soul of mine.

Here is my quick analysis:
I realised that a massive letting go of attachments to material things has to be done from the perspective of soul while having this human body.The soul must be free from both possession and obsession in terms of materials and elements.This means that the soul has to be free from any emotional attachment to a lower/outer dimensional space.

For these reasons, the composition of soul can be gradually derived as follows:
The soul has every material and ingredient within in order to express itself to the multidimensional world.Because the…

The Simple Key to Transcendence of Contradictory Realities Is Sphere

Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.- Paracelsus

It is not easy to see things from all facets due to ever-changing ratio-based variables and environmental parameters. Thus, you might want to have a more simple solution to uncover the metaphysical truth when reading the book of nature.

In addition to that, as an ancient philosopher said, I think that a key to opening every door must be the same.

For instance, in human relationship, people are multifaceted. We have contradictions. We can have paradoxical reactions when it comes to achieving something totally new.

If we only focus on a single side of multifaceted face and on-screen toxic persona, our knowledge won't be able to be evolved due to lack of experience. We have incredibly numerous parameters in the life experience.

A simple and easy solution for this is to see people and phenomena as merely the sphere entity objects. The mighty key is sphere.

We project subject…

How Emulsion Technique Relates to Spirituality

Medicine rests upon four pillars - philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and ethics.- Paracelsus

We are the cracked philosophical eggs.

Our body plays a crucial role of activating multiple interfaces for manifestation, as well as “egg yolk” in emulsion.

Attract things from multiple dimensions.

One of the most electrifying technology can be seen in the human and animal body. This is actually what every alchemist in human history has been focusing on.

Work smart, tame your fear.

An inspiration I would love to share with you today is: Understanding of emulsion technique for (blending) soulful, spiritual and material environment innovates our material life as a coherent whole.

In short, it is spiritual emulsion.

This intuitive (a priori) understanding comes from a daily (a posteriori) experiment of blending a cup of the Bulletproof Coffee by using the technique and some tools. It guides me to the inspirational idea and it also gives us reason to take proper action.

Here is the thing.

To make something ha…