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An Analysis of "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction

I act in spite of fear.
- T. Harv Eker (Declaration)

First of all, I am grateful that I have found this video above. Because this is exactly the topic that I would like to share with you here today.

I am currently trying to integrate the law of attraction with the multidimensional interface technology and the composition of soul.

That being said, you and I already know that everyone in the world is now more likely to be interested in emotional possibilities beyond technology dominance, rather than following technological trends.

That means a paradigm shift from technology-oriented innovation to value-based innovation. In other words, this world needs a more concrete help instead of esoteric idea and dogmatic rules. But, it is not about hotfixes. A fundamental solution is needed.

On the other hand, before transcending, it is better to understand a practical theory to make the most of a transcendental experience, as well as psychedelics and nootropics.

In the world of commerce, building a concrete strategy is required before executing the strategy. That is absolutely natural. In case of blending money and spirituality, T. Harv Eker taught me the following formula.

Programme => Thoughts => Feelings => Action = Result

To be honest, I am personally struggling with attracting money to live from next month. So I decided to make my life a practical example and allow me to share my basic analysis of the law of attraction before the integration (before the flood?).

Here is the thing.

The law of attraction might be deeply related to the integration process between both positive and negative energy on the neutral circumstances. I have gradually understood that process through small experiments on a daily basis.

While reading the book called "The Secret", I just realised that those who teach the creative process have naturally utilised the power of integration.

In fact, they not only focus on positive aspects, but also transmute the negative energy by integration from the perspective of neutral position. This is a significant phase of transition in the integration of both pain and pleasure. This consolidation process can enable us to develop a personalised way (this is also a potential role of AI as an extension of human consciousness).

Because alchemically speaking, before the consolidation, the purification process is required. This means identifying your potentials by separating the objective essence from subjective experiences. This momentum and catalytic activity pertain to the interfacing process. In short, it is the alignment process of perception.

Let me try to explain from a different angle. Some might think and feel that the book tells only abstraction. But on the flip side, it is not merely the set of abstract concepts. I think that it provides very concrete examples from the perspective of metaphysics with concrete stories, which are exactly case studies. In other words, it gives us the set of metaphysical frameworks with plenty of use cases.

In addition to that, a parallel reading strategy accelerates our awareness and understandings. I think that reading the books written by the same authors is one of the best solution. It is because more money would be invested as and for a (secure protocol) form of gratitude. And it is also effective to utilise "The Secret" as a guideline, as well as the emerald tablet.

This kind of analytic work through a practical experiment stimulates my fluidly energy of soul and its configuration. By explaining the phenomena in a more technical and logical way, we would be able to take advantage of the concepts on a module-by-module basis. I will keep updating interim outcomes.

Lastly, let me share a hypothetical "secret" idea with you.

The reason why very successful people are most likely to surround themselves with like-minded people is closely related to the composition of soul. Negative people show the similar phenomena as well.

The body of soul is fluidity, as well as water and atmosphere. This means that the body of soul is a sort of ever-flowing and figuratively singular river. And we have the logical configuration for individuation (please see my research outcomes).

For these reasons, we are strongly affected by environmental parameters and physical energy, especially due to the flow of soul. It is easy for us to imagine an analogy that rewriting the subconscious "non-supportive" data consciously "supportive", and after that the data will flow subconsciously again.

I think that is the reason the systematisation is crucial when it comes to serving so many others. It is not only about cookie-cutter things. As I mentioned earlier, AI would also be able to work on personalisation as an extension of human consciousness.

The more we make metaphysics evolve, the more we receive the benefits from technology, because of the integration and multiplication.

Note: In my understanding, the body of soul is embodied in the 3-dimensional realm literally. However, its essence is very subtle and located to the (physical realm of) 10-dimensional realm so that we may possibly not become aware of its embodiment due to appearance of limiting facets in the 3-dimensional world.

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