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What Are the Composition of Soul and the Creation Process

The Secret means that we are creators of our Universe, and that every wish that we want to create will manifest in our lives.
- Marie Diamond

This is a philosophical analysis of the composition of soul based on my lucid dream.

  • I saw an individuated soul that has a strong emotional attachment to material things.
  • It was totally confused in self-made chaos due to a strong emotional attachment.
  • It might have been a personified soul of mine.

Here is my quick analysis:

  • I realised that a massive letting go of attachments to material things has to be done from the perspective of soul while having this human body.
  • The soul must be free from both possession and obsession in terms of materials and elements.
  • This means that the soul has to be free from any emotional attachment to a lower/outer dimensional space.

For these reasons, the composition of soul can be gradually derived as follows:

  • The soul has every material and ingredient within in order to express itself to the multidimensional world.
  • Because the soul is a type of materialised consciousness in both logical and physical components.
  • This type of hybrid consciousness spontaneously creates and experiences something with and without the time-space regulation.
  • The soul and its environment is comprised of 5-dimensional logical and physical realms.
  • This means that the soul is basically located in the 10th dimension.
  • The 10th dimension is a replica of archetype and its environment in this universe.
  • Therefore, the number 10 may have been linked to the integral unity since ancient times.

To clarify, it is better to consider an analogy.

  • The soul is like a potential density in a microcosm.
  • Analogically, the similar composition can be seen on a chicken egg.
  • Chicken egg is roughly comprised of the following components:
  • Egg shell = minerals, egg membrane = protein (collagen), egg white = minerals and protein, egg yolk = minerals, protein, fat
  • In this case, the chicken egg is a primordial world and a blueprint of the world in co-creation.
  • In addition to that, the energy is also provided from the outer system.
  • Hen is like a global resource pool or dark energy in the macrocosm.

To summarise the analysis so far, the composition of soul can be blended with the multidimensional reality.

  • This means that the outer world, especially the lower dimensional space is created by the soul components.
  • Both logical and physical components are created by consciousness.
  • The Creator generates everything from within and the soul is part of its consciousness.
  • That's why the soul can be either singular or multiple, depending on the context.
  • In other words, we are creators and our individuated souls are inseparable.
  • Because they are part of the Creator's consciousness.
  • Because we are part of the Creator's consciousness.

To get more detailed insights, the concept has to be linked to the creation process.

  • We are pieces of the Creator like its autographs.
  • Our creation is part of the Creator's creation.
  • Our creative process is on the Creator's path.
  • It is like branches we are grafting to the oak tree.
  • Therefore, the path cannot be recognised as it is.
  • Because we are on the path as we are.
  • Because we walk down the path as part of us.
  • Every branch cannot recognise the entire oak tree literally.
  • However, every branch is also able to perceive the wholeness holographically.
  • The soul is like a potential density in a microcosm.
  • And the soul has every element to create.

All things considered, the systematisation of the composition of soul can be performed as follows:

  • The soul is a hybrid type of consciousness both logically and physically.
  • The soul has fluidity and mobility in terms of energy flow.
  • The physical body of the soul is fluidity quite similar to water and atmosphere.
  • The soul has also a static configuration for individuation in a logical form.
  • For the adaptation to the ever-changing material environment, the soul might have the unique parameters.
  • The parameters may be used to interface with the environmental structure.
  • The “user” interface technology is carefully designed for subjective experience.
  • The parameters pertain to DNA (physical form) and its genetic/primordial mind (logical form).
  • For the best user experience, the perspective and position of creator must be recognised and unlocked.
  • The perspective and position of creator mean the perspective of soul and the composition of soul.

Allow me to add an annotation pointing to the further technology innovation, human evolution and consciousness expansion.

  • That is why research on the soul is expected in a more scientific way.
  • That is why an integration of metaphysics and science is required in a more collective approach.
  • That is why we are strongly affected by the environmental parameters.

To organise all things into one, the characteristic of soul should also be linked to the creation process.

  • The body of soul is circulative in terms of energy flow and its circulation is used in the everlasting creation process.
  • The creation process contains both expression and attraction to experience.
  • The creation process and energy circulation are performed by the soul based on its configuration.
  • The soul only possesses the logical configuration data to make things happen with materials and environments.
  • Therefore, the soul is a spiritual egg yolk.

From this metaphysical conclusion, the detail of the creation process can be derived as well.

  • The creation process is roughly comprised of 3 steps: simulation, interfacing, manifestation.
  • The manifestation process takes a few steps, including self-realisation, perceptual adaptation and mutual recognition (co-creation).
  • The steps depend on context and scale, however, self-realisation has to be considered and achieved first.
  • The self-realisation is closely related to the state of being.
  • The first stage of self-realisation is create a vacuum space figuratively.
  • The vacuum space plays a role of personalised scaffolding or multidimesional nutshell.
  • The soul is surrounded by the scaffolding or nutshell to express and experience.
  • The space between the soul and nutshell lies a whole gradation of every dimension.

Therefore, the notion of reincarnation and the alchemy method are operated.

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