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A Sensible Way How to Make Things Simple

The Universe is Mental
- Kybalion

The weight of wearing multiple hats sometimes generates a large entropy of self-made chaos.

On the other hand, by using both techniques of decomposition and composition, we are more likely to create something new from the chaos.

By applying the methods of both intuition and observation, we are more likely to discover something innovative from the chaos as a new direction comprised of every historical and cultural order.

In any case, the chaos has a profound and important effect on what we think and create. Because the chaos directly pertains to unity consciousness.

I would like to tell you that the chaos is not complex in a certain context.

From last week, I was pushing myself to make what I know simple. And on last Tuesday, I completed the 7 day challenge of making things simple so that I can share the recap with you as follows. Hopefully, it will be better able to absorb quickly due to the techniques and methods.

Day 1: “Words and language represent the technology of illusion. Words play a core role of phantom object, language is literally programme.” - Waking

Day 2: "In the consciousness expansion, the more we let go, the more we have." - Lucid Dreaming

Day 3: "Your soul is a pure gold. Your gold is a nutritious egg yolk. The egg yolk gives the world what it has to create and attract reality." - Deep Sleep

Day 4: "Self limiting belief and goal-setting are 2 sides of the same coin. The bigger is better." - Transcendental

Day 5: "Alchemy is not about changing minerals and metals into gold. It’s about consciousness." - Cosmic

Day 6: "Genetic mind can be upgraded with new belief systems." - Refined Cosmic

Day 7: "It turns out that nothingness contains everything." - Unity

If you feel that these descriptions are similar to the seven days of creation and its process, I think that we might be on the same page of the collective consciousness. No matter whether it is microcosm or macrocosm, no matter what the cycle of sampling is used, we are inherently creators in the Universe. Because the Universe is mental, it seems that consciousness is primary.

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