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True Optimism - Key to Becoming a High Performer

The combination of sharp focus and expanded awareness during optimal performance creates peak experience.
- Excellence through Mind-Brain Development

My ultimate wish is to cease to exist by unleashing the individuation of my soul.

This is an extreme type of the backcasting method. This is the ultimate goal of my soul. There is nothing here that relates to good-or-evil ideologies and right-or-wrong values. There is also nothing to suggest the death experience on this planet is directly related to the end of individuation. However, it simultaneously indicates that the experience is exactly the end of individualisation.

Truthfully, that is my awareness that makes me comparatively optimistic.

Excellence through Mind-Brain Development - Amazon
The last key to training your brain for optimism is to simply focus on the good things in life.
- Do These 5 Things to Become a Top Performer

As stated in the message above, the definition of optimism has a profound effect on our lives in terms of high performance and peak experience. In my understanding, it is not about neglecting so-called bad things. It is about finding a supportive aspect in every manifestation based on the preference settings, including goal settings, environmental parameters and gene vulnerability.

It is easy to understand by imaging the symbol of Taijitu. Yin has yang and yang has yin as part of a whole. This means that the positive area contains negative pixels, and vice versa.

When it comes to the Hermetic Philosophy and Teachings, we can easily understand the concept with the principle of gender, as well as polarity.

From the perspective of Alchemy, the chaotic consolidation is required before the process of integration, projection and multiplication. In addition to that, the purification process is a bit more complicated due to pure consciousness.

For a more practical example of an optimismistic approach, I am currently challenging myself and philosophical teachings by trying to find the supportive things in my life even though I have only $300 in my bank account. My rainy days have been quite long, and additionally, I have entered the most inauspicious period from this year and it is going to last 2 years.

Moreover, my iPhone screen was suddenly broken, my MacBook Pro is now quite unstable (I fixed some issues already), my travel stuff started to break. It seems that a world in which everything I touch and use has been gradually and literally broken apart on a monthly basis.

In addition to them, my LTSS (long-term savings for spending) account is now empty, my marketing efforts and business opportunities are still under the ground.

It sounds like a nightmare from the pessimistic viewpoint, doesn't it? But it makes me smile as well due to optimism about my consciousness and the technology of illusion.

But I wouldn't say that it is easy to find the supportive elements in the situation. It is not easy to find the things, which I resonate with by changing the mindset and focus without touching FFA (financial freedom) account. It is extremely hard to find an appropriate way not to start over by working for money to survive.

Alchemy directly pertains to the life itself. If I would fail, all of my efforts and investments would put me six feet under. What if I couldn't fail, hopefully, I would be able to complete both projection and multiplication processes whilst also facing fear. Because I strongly believe that Alchemy has a profound effect and impact on our lives and I really want to make it work for you and me. That is my determination.

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