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What Is the Primordial Word

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.
William H. Gass, A Temple of Texts

Do you remember your primordial word?

By using a reverse engineering approach to creative process, I have gradually understood that the primordial word plays a crucial role of programme and configuration for individuation and personalisation.

What does this exactly mean?

In my understanding, it means the programme for each gold piece. In other words, it is the configuration(s) of our soul(s). Your soul is gold, you are a pure gold. Your pure emotion is a golden language as well. Because your emotion comes from the geometric gold, which is the configuration of your soul. Gold breeds gold. Healthy cell turns into the healthy life.

How does this pertain to our well-being?

In considering of the technology of illusion and interface, especially a correlation between the primordial word and the composition of soul, a programme setting comes first. That procedure creates a new object instance of illusion. The object instance plays a phantom core role of creating new reality within the illusion.

Why do the settings have a positive effect on the world?

When we intend to create favourable circumstances, personal preference settings are primarily important. It has to be set based on the configuration of personalised or individuated soul, which is the primordial word or configuration. The preference settings also have to be interfaced with ever-changing environmental parameters. The parameters create this material-oriented world as well.

How can we start utilising the primordial word and the power of soul?

Actually, we already use the power of soul with the primordial word. And now we understand the reason why we cannot ignore the environmental situation for our well-being because it is the platform related to mutual recognition and co-creation. If we really want to change a certain situation, we must face the situation first to receive the force of things superior and inferior.

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