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A Secret of Hacking Consciousness

Alchemy is nothing else but the set purpose, intention, and subtle endeavour to transmute the kinds of the metals from one to another.- Paracelsus The most creative season has started. So let me tell you a little secret of Mental Alchemy. Consciousness-hacking is the modern name given to it (I named it). Anyway, it’s like a magical procedure in a metaphysical and scientific way. Here’s the thing. Activate the purifying power of your soul to summon the archetypical force in accord with your genetic programme and network. After that, soothe the system to interact with this co-created world in mutual recognition. Then, we would be able to uplift our collective creativity and collective peak experience in the unified field of our highly evolved collective consciousness.Note: It's not a straight forward process, it's an inter-dimensional cycle in an object-oriented and self-referral manner. That's the reason why I'm saying that Alchemy is not about literally changing metals…

How to Correspond to the Primitive Behaviour Associated With Pain and Pleasure

The Law of Compensation plays an important part in the lives of men and women.- The Kybalion

The more our consciousness expands, the more species evolve.

A good news I found is that there are some beautiful signs of evolution in other species concerning that human consciousness has gradually expanded.

The signs have not only a positive aspect, but have also a warning to humanity. It is related to the capability of humanity. The technology, including Artificial Intelligence seems to be almost beyond the capability of us, as well as consumerism due to lack of intergration and interface.

The environmental situation and regional circumstances are interacted with our consciousness. Because the environment itself is part of ourselves in terms of unity consciousness. The vast majority of people living on this planet and its consciousness should be no longer regarded as a "hard-to-control-but-strong" weapon.

Now is the time to give ourselves permission to integrate and take advantage of …