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A Secret of Hacking Consciousness

Alchemy is nothing else but the set purpose, intention, and subtle endeavour to transmute the kinds of the metals from one to another.
- Paracelsus
The most creative season has started. So let me tell you a little secret of Mental Alchemy. Consciousness-hacking is the modern name given to it (I named it). Anyway, it’s like a magical procedure in a metaphysical and scientific way.
Here’s the thing. Activate the purifying power of your soul to summon the archetypical force in accord with your genetic programme and network. After that, soothe the system to interact with this co-created world in mutual recognition. Then, we would be able to uplift our collective creativity and collective peak experience in the unified field of our highly evolved collective consciousness. Note: It's not a straight forward process, it's an inter-dimensional cycle in an object-oriented and self-referral manner. That's the reason why I'm saying that Alchemy is not about literally changing metals and minerals into gold and it's all about consciousness and intelligence. Due to cosmic consciousness, we are able to connect and communicate with every adept of Alchemy in human history in a more unified field of time and space. To achieve that, we can use the power of consciousness and one of the most exciting spells is: "I am forever connected to my brothers and sisters of all time and space. What is known by them I can know. What is found by them I can find. What is to come from them I can be. In all that I do may the mind of many hold sway over the mind of one." - Lyricus Discourses A key to expanding our consciousness and taking advantage of time-space regulation is embedded and encoded in this mantra. In addition to that, modern technique of storytelling is a little bit primitive so it can be upgraded to a more simplified one by blending User Story and Discourse. That's exactly ancient wisdom. It's very old, but it's quite new as well. Lastly, let me share my inspiration about intelligence with you without fear of rejection and hesitation. For me, Higgs boson seems like a type of intelligence. It seems to be a replica network (nervous system) and vehicle (neurotransmitter) of pure consciousness in a material sense, which is manifested as a material type of the chaotic zero. In other words, the particle should be used consciously as intelligence in order to communicate with each other as creators in the multidimensional reality and its velocity and momentum. In short, the inter-dimensional communication. The Universe is a communication system and platform. Wishing you all the goodness and luck in the “platform as a playground”.

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