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How to Correspond to the Primitive Behaviour Associated With Pain and Pleasure

The Law of Compensation plays an important part in the lives of men and women.
- The Kybalion

The more our consciousness expands, the more species evolve.

A good news I found is that there are some beautiful signs of evolution in other species concerning that human consciousness has gradually expanded.

The signs have not only a positive aspect, but have also a warning to humanity. It is related to the capability of humanity. The technology, including Artificial Intelligence seems to be almost beyond the capability of us, as well as consumerism due to lack of intergration and interface.

The environmental situation and regional circumstances are interacted with our consciousness. Because the environment itself is part of ourselves in terms of unity consciousness. The vast majority of people living on this planet and its consciousness should be no longer regarded as a "hard-to-control-but-strong" weapon.

Now is the time to give ourselves permission to integrate and take advantage of the archetypical force inside and outside of ourselves. There are several types of archetypical force based on the Principles, including decomposition, composition and so on.

In other words, simply speaking, we have both angelic grace and daemonic force within ourselves as human beings, which are called microcosmic instances. Undoubtedly it is essentially not related to good-or-bad things and right-or-wrong values. Because it is not innate values, it is acquired a posteriori depending on plenty of contexts since at least the beginning of human history.

For instance, let me ask you a question: If pure consciousness contains everything, how can we specify that it is merely blissful or good?

There are also plenty of options to activate these strong forces precisely and effectively in a broader context covering a broader area. Infinite paths of awareness are comprised plenty of modules in combination.

In my understanding, for instance, each religion is one of a set of modules in which a module has input and output in order to interact with other modules. A culture in the cultural diversity is a beautiful module to interconnect with other cultures as well. The religions and cultures are part of the evolution process. The matter is the interface technology.

But, how can we accelerate evolution in a more concrete way?

With the technology, one of the simplest and fastest solutions is: Stop putting others into "pain position" while advertising our own organisations or tribes affiliated to "pleasure position".

This is a solution to stop a vicious cycle and leave a primitive ouroboros. That's why I think if we really want to change the world, we create new worlds from the inside first by receiving the force of things inside and outside by integration and interface.

The key to transcending from a culture of irresponsibility to holographic unity in the spatial mapping and multidimentional interface is an evolutionary mindset extracted from a creative mind. This can be called new belief systems. It is exactly related to collective consciousness. It simply stimulates collective creativity. It pertains to collective action. A way of thinking stimulates even ways of thinking. A mind interconnects with the mind of many as part of the mind of all.

Therefore, I could say: The more our consciousness expands, the more species evolve.

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